vacuum manipulators

Vacuum manipulators are dynamic devices for the movement of loads in which pressure generated by a vacuum pump is used for the holding and lifting of a load. To control the load there is an intuitive lever and in some cases – a crane.

Loads can be lifted to a 2.5m height and the maximum capacity of the manipulator is 300 kg. Depending on customer needs, the machine can work on an arm jib or overhead crane, whatever ensures the ergonomic use of work place. The “heart” of the manipulator is an efficient and unfailing dry vacuum pump. The vacuum manipulator is an irreplaceable tool that is applicable in every production or logistic company or warehouse.

Vacuum manipulators are usually used for lifting such loads as bags, boxes, drums, buckets, crates or slabs. We can mainly find them in the food industry (the dairy, spices, tea production or butcher industries) but also in the pharmaceutical, building, white goods, plastics, rubber, wood and furniture industries and others.

Summing up:
– capacity: 300 kg
– transportation by air
– versatility of use