manipulation trolleys

Manipulation trolleys allow an operator for quick transport of loads over a big distance. Their main advantage is mobility that gives an operator an unlimited area of work. Also, their simple and light construction provides simplicity of use even with very heavy products.
Manipulation trolleys can be used for loads up to 200 kg. Their construction is always matched to conditions at the place of the customer. Each element of the solution is precisely dedicated to a specific application and the whole unit can be manufactured according to customer needs, for example it can be produced in a “pharmaceutical version”.

These units are very popular for the transportation of reels and their placing on packaging and printing machines. They can also turn reels or other containers in order to empty them. With this feature manipulation trolleys are popular in the food, pharmaceutical and printing industries. But these units also work in the transportation of other products: drums, boxes, crates, containers, buckets and even bags.

In the area of manipulation trolleys we also offer special solutions with a capacity of even up to 1000 kg! These units are equipped with the hydraulic system of gripping, lifting and turning of load. The special construction of the trolley ensures easy transport and operation of load.

Summing up:
– capacity: 1000 kg
– unit from the begging is built according to customer needs
– mobility and unlimited area of work