cranes and overhead cranes

Structure solutions as a complete overhead traveling cranes, cranes (pillar with arm) or single profiles or arms, are provided as an independent solutions or they are a supplement or such unit as manipulator or hoist.

Cranes can be anchored directly to the floor or, it it is needed, they can be provided on movable base plate to cover bigger operation area. The most important advantage of cranes is possibility of smooth and fast loads transport and their precise positioning with cooperation with each lifting equipment. Cranes can be provided with different outreach of arm turn or in “double” version – two arms installed at one pillar.

Overhead traveling cranes are made from different modular elements. That gives a possibility to provide an overhead traveling crane in individually adapted version. As there are several types of steel and aluminum profiles it is possible quick, sure and economical transport of almost each product above each work and production area without limitation of this space. There are possible different types of transportation: linear, surface transport, connection from point to point or ramate sectors.

Summing up:
– capacity: 10 T for carnes, up to 3,2 T for overhead traveling cranes
– effective transportation process
– variety of solutions and limitless working area