grippers and lifting slings

Lifting sling is a vacuum gripping device that can be hook installed on different lifting machines. Underpressure generator is installed directly on lifting sling and feeded by electrical energy what gives low costs of vacuum production.

Lifting slings and grippers are usually used for transport of steel sheets to transport them for production lines (to cut, bend, mark, etc). But they can be used also for glass and other flat elements. Gippers can be specially manufactured to grip and turn e.g.. drums, car parts, reels, steel strips and other.

Main advantages of those solutions are: wide range of products that can be lifted, quick product gripping and releasing, bigger safety of work, lower costs (only 1 person is needed to transport steel panel with weight up to 1000 kg!) and bigger safety of product (no mechanical damages on product surface). Lifting slings can be delivered toghether with hoists, pillar jib cranes or rail systems what gives to customer complete solution for product handling.

Summing up:
– capacity up to 5000 kg
– low operating costs
– bigger safety of product and work