pneumatic manipulators

Pneumatic manipulators, produced by ATIS Manipolatori company, are special machines for the transportation of loads, with the possibility of gripping product out of its gravity centre. With ease we can grip the load in horizontal or vertical position and turn it or tilt it. The stiff arm can end with suction or mechanical gripper. Lifted loads can even be 500 kg.

The pneumatic manipulator is equipped with an intelligent balancer system for easy control of a load even during the transportation of very heavy loads. Thanks to this feature, the operator can place a product exactly in its place of destination and adopted security systems will keep the load safe during lack of power (pressure).

Such machines can be used mainly in heavy industry for the transportation of metal slabs, metal tanks, car parts and other steel parts. However, they are also applicable for use when lifting more standard products such as: panes, reels, crates or home appliances.

Summing up:
– capacity: 500 kg
– possibility of use in different places
– simplicity of operation and precision of placement